Making Visible

Making Visible is a new research and development project aimed to investigate further my own practice within disability-led dance. The initial phrase which was completed in August 2015 was supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Support for the Individual Artists Programme and consisted on 5 days studio time with two professional dancers and 3 day mentorship with Scottish Choreographer Janice Parker.

The project was a two-pronged enquiry into disability-led practice, looking at:

  • ‘Bridging the Gap’ – between disability-led and/or community practice and mainstream dance culture;
  • ‘The What and the Why’ – preparation for studio based practice as a choreographer working in collaboration with two disabled performers.

The result of this phrase of the project was “Fragments” a work in progress movement installation shared as part of the 5 day studio time. This work will continue to be developed over the next few months so keep posted here to find out more.

Janice Parker says of her mentorship:

“Questioning who can dance, what dance can be, what do we mean by ‘professional’, how to make change to what and who is valued as dance and a dancer; and facilitating a process of finding our roots and routes as choreographers, are all subjects that I love. It’s a privilege to support one of the new-thinking generation of dance artists, motivated, over the long haul, to push boundaries and think outside the box”  Janice Parker

Janice Parker
About Janice Parker

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Images for Sheena Kelly's "making visible" project.

Image from Fragments Photography Joe Fox Dancers: Helen Hall and Linda Fearon

Sheena would like to thank the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for funding this project and the Crescent Arts Centre for their support.

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